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Domestic Shipping

The shipping fees for domestic orders is ¥500. They will be shipped via Kuroneko Yamato or Japan Post. 


International Shipping

We ship via EMS, Yamato transport or DHL, (You cannot choose your delivery company AMONG EMS, Yamato and DHL. We will let you know which delivery company we used to ship your package with your tracking number by email once they are shipped.) You can also choose

EMS (Japan Post)

Yamato Transport


All the delivery companies offer you a tracking number and some compensation when your package arrives damaged. Whether you can receive compensation or not depends on the condition of your package so please talk to your delivery company. We are not responsible to any damages caused by delivery companies.


*For items from mellfy memory, Lolime, dearis and AVENCHUMU, choose the shipping option for the brands at check out. 

!! When you order multiple winter items, you will be charged for extra shipping fees according to the weight of the items you ordered. we will email you and send you a payment request through papal so please wait for our email and pay for the extra fees.

*Light items as socks, necklaces, panties, bras can be combined without extra shipping fees.

*We do not pay for your custom fees. you need to pay your custom fees to receive your items so please be noted. If you don’t pay your custom fees, Your package will be discarded (thrown away) and we will not be responsible to any costs and loss caused by that situation. we will not refund you or give you any compensations.

*When your package gets lost or arrives damaged, please contact the delivery company. They may pay you the compensation depending on the level of the damage and the situation. you will be required to submit all the proof they need to evaluate the damage so please be noted.


How long will it take to ship?

Your items will be shipped whithin 1-10 Business Days after your purchase.

!! Business Days do not include weekends or national holidays.


How long will it take to arrive?

For Asia: 3-5 days

America: 4-6 days

EU: 4-7 days

It may take longer depending on the weather,the custom situation in your country so if you don’t receive your items as estimated, please contact your closest Post Office, Yamato transport’s office or UPS’s office. 

Will there be custom duties?

It depends on your orders and your country. We will not pay your custom duties so please be noted.

When my package is sent back?

We cannot accept cancellations when your package is sent back to us because of your wrong shipping information or because you missed your delivery and the storage period at your post office expires,. When we receive your returned package, we will charge you the reshipping fee. The reshipping fee will be calculated according to the weight of your package +$3 (extra fees which we need to pay) . If you cannot follow this , we regret to say but we may ask you to refrain from using our service in the future.

However, if you can provide us any evidence that shows the return was caused by the delivery company, we will review it so please let us know.

I get a message about canceling my order.

When you choose a wrong shipping method at checkout or when we get notified that your credit card activity looked suspicious, we will need to cancel your order and charge you canceling fees which cost us when we cancel your order. It will be the same amount we pay when we receive your payment so please be noted. (It is because the fees we pay when we receive payments from customers won’t be refunded to us when we cancel their order.) We will send you a message before we cancel your order so please make sure to reply to it if you would like to avoid cancellation. 

Could you combine my orders?

We are sorry but we cannot combine your orders because once we receive orders, the shipping process starts immediately. Therefore, your orders will be shipped separately.

I have not received my order, what should I do?

Please contact us or the delivery company in your region. Our packages do not have insurance so your package will not be compensated even if they get lost, stolen or misdelivered or lost by the delivery company. If you would like us to get your package insured, please let us know.

I want to return my items

we are sorry but we do not accept any refunds or returns unless your items are damaged before you receive them. We take and keep all the photos of our items before they are shipped so we can submit the photos as proof to the delivery company and we can see if there were damages with the items. please send us photos of the damaged part when Your items are damaged. We cannot accept any returns or refunds without photos.