Our vintage items

Our vintage items are ranked in A+(Almost New), A(Good Condition), or A- (Mainor damage). 

We sterilize our vintage items after receiving them from our business partners and store them in a room with air cleaners that suppress and reduces virus and germs in the air until they are shipped. 

We maintain our hygiene level high so anyone who is uncomfortable with buying vintage items from regular vintage stores or personal sellers from flee market apps can feel safe and comfortable with buying vintage items from us. 

We take hygiene of our vintage items seriously because we hear some people saying "I want to buy from vintage stores, but I am worried about their hygiene." 

We started hearing this type of concern about vintage items especially after the covid-19 outbreak and we decided to take the sterilization process so our customers can have a good experience with our vintage items and feel safe with buying from us. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our vintage items. 

As for our secondhand dealer’s license, please see the information here.